7m Long x 2.2m Wide Polycarbonate Roof

7m Long x 2.2m Wide Polycarbonate Roof

Brand: Master Plastics
Product Code: OT7X2.2
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Price includes 
3no 7m  700mm polycarbonate sheets 
4no 7m bars to fix to timber 
5no edge fillets 
1no 2.1m sheet closures 
1no 150mm flash band 
Anti dust tapes v

Installation Guide

Step one 

Fix your first edge bar as shown in dia 1 slide the edge fillet up the grove on the bar as shown then cut the bar to length, remembering to allow for a 50MM over hang into the guttering. Cut the aluminum base 2MM longer than the intended length of the polycarbonate sheeting, this will allow for the end cap to be fitted later.
Drill and Fix the bar into position screw with no 6 screws at 3-400MM centres Ensuring the drip on the edge trim is in required place and neat from the external view. Repeat on opposite end Dia 1.