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200mm Black

200mm Black Guttering Use With 160mm or 110mm Down Pipes.

200mm Black Guttering For Industrial and Commercial Use.


200mm Black Guttering

Brand new for 2019 our new deluge buster commercial gutter and downpipe system. Manufactured to BS EN 607 this effective system boasts a 200mm wide top with a deep 130mm depth. HIgh-quality gloss finish with all the parts you should expect from a professional system to compliment your roof design. Wide seals at 25mm should ensure years of trouble-free use. Multiple fixing points on outlets angles unions and brackets give the system the strength to cope with high winds and heavy snowfalls. Maximum flow rates of 14 litres a second can be achieved with the use of the 160mm outlets straight into 160mm downpipes. 

Perfect on large roofs of course, but also great on roofs with steep pitches. A good product choice on new build roof construction or to upgrade smaller gutter systems that can't cope with the speed of the water running off the roof or from valleys.

Not just used by construction companies but also the Farmer's first choice. The high-capacity 8-inch gutter has traditionally been the first choice system. Used on barns cattle sheds equestrian sheds and steel framed buildings.

Top Features

  • Heavy fixing points
  • Actual purpose moulded 90 corners external and internal
  • Multi-purpose stop end easily converts to internal stop ends if required
  • Fits 160mm pipes as standard or use a reducer to drop down to 110mm pipes.


Technical Information - AUTHORITY 

Aquaflow Rainwater systems satisfy the requirements of the following for the construction industry: 

  • The Building Regulations 2002, as amended. 
  • Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990, as amended. 
  • Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1990, as amended. 

Aquaflow Rainwater systems are manufactured under the following British Standards.

  • BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Systems
  • BS 4576: Part 1: 1990 – Specification for Unplasticised PVC Rainwater systems
  • BS 4514: 1983 – Specification for Unplasticised PVC soil and ventilating pipe fittings and accessories.

8 inch grey guttering can be used on flat roofs or roofs pitched with various roofing materials


Extruded gutter and downpipe sections and injection moulded fittings are made from PVC compounds complying with the material requirements of...

BS 4576: Part 1: 1989, containing the necessary processing additives, stabilisers and pigments to give the products excellent appearance, durability, and performance. 

Seals in the gutter and downpipe fittings are manufactured from rubbers complying to British standards.

BS 2494: 1990, or BS 4255: Part 1: 1986. 

They are used by civil engineers and major construction companies as a cost-effective solution for large roof areas.


PVC has a coefficient of linear expansion of 6 x10 ˆ-5. Consequently, a 2m length of gutter or downpipe will expand by 2.4mm for a 20°C temperature rise. This expansion is taken into consideration in the design of Aquaflow Rainwater fittings. Expansion must be considered when installing as with most drainage systems expansion is built into the product joints and accessories.


Polluted industrial atmospheres will not affect Aquaflow rainwater system. PVC rot-proof and resistant to most commonly occurring chemicals.

Notable exceptions, however, are solvents, including those incorporated in most timber preservatives.


Brand: Aquaflow Model: 150110REDB
Description Reducer for 200mm gutter outlets to convert the outlet from a 150mm downpipe to a 100mm downpipe...
Ex Tax:£6.99
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AK18B
Description Black Commercial guttering bracket in grey 200mm wide and 130mm deep..
Ex Tax:£4.79
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AA18B
Description Black commercial guttering Angle 90 degree  200mm wide and 130mm deep for external corners  ..
Ex Tax:£35.42
200mm Running Outlet 200mm Running Outlet
-12 %
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AO18B
Description Black commercial guttering outlet universal with an external stop end cut to size this running outlet can also double up as a stop end outlet. 200mm wide and 130mm deep..
£23.99 £27.17
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AE18B
Description Black commercial guttering stop ends universal this external stop end can be cut and used as an internal stop end.  200mm wide and 130mm deep..
Ex Tax:£9.44
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AU18B
Description Black commercial guttering Union Joint with seals, 200mm wide and 130mm deep..
Ex Tax:£9.44
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AG48B
Description Black commercial guttering 4m length x  200mm wide and 130mm deep for large roof areas on warehouses steel-framed buildings etc. Large gutter 8 inches wide sold in 4m lengths grey..
Ex Tax:£38.03
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AHH160B
Description Black commercial guttering large hopper to fit 160mm pipes...
Ex Tax:£12.99
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Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 10th April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout