42 inch Balustrade Corner Post in White

42 inch Balustrade Corner Post in White

Brand: Master Plastics
Product Code: SYBF/CP
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This is a multiple listing this fencing system is sold in parts so we have listed all items on one listing.

The posts are 42 inches high there are 3 main types end posts corner posts and joining inline posts.

Each post has a steel insert and fixing plate the post comes with a cover to hide the screws and base plate and a post cap.

The fence panels that go between the posts are available in various sizes 4 foot and 6 foot

Fence panels have a steel reinforcing insert and the can be easily cut to size as required.


The Globe and the Coach lanterns need to be fitted to the post caps this involves drilling a hole through the post cap. Both light run on 240v mains.

The solar light replaces the post cap and sits directly on the post.

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