Build Your Own Steps Rund S U Type 80cm Metal Stair Tread Section

Build Your Own Steps Rund S U Type 80cm Metal Stair Tread Section

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Whether you use them as stairs in your lounge, to descend into your basement or from the terrace into the garden - these maintenance-free aluminium steps with galvanised fixings and automatic spacing are the perfect solution to build your staircase yourself. You can easily span floor heights of up to 300 cm.

You can purchase optional angle brackets and stair poles.
Outdoors you simply need two timber panels 80 x 140 mm.
Indoors we would recommend the use of laminated timber panels, also 80 x 140 mm in size.
Construct your staircase on concrete, and secure the staircase with an optional special floor bracket..
You require a handrail for staircases with four steps or more. Design your staircase to suit your own individual taste and style. You simply need two handrail boards for each size, 25 x 140 mm, as well as fixing screws.

Side fixing to attach to wooden or metal side sections (not supplied).

Dimensions :-  81cm length (Stair tread 80cm)

                     25cm wide

                      5cm deep

Weight :-        3.84Kg

WARNING - Footware should be worn when using this product






Length (mm) Tread 800mm overall wide including brackets - 1025mm
Width (mm) 245mm
Depth (mm) 50mm
Weight (Kg) 3.84Kg
Footware Should be worn YES
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