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Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)

Anthracite Grey Vertical Wall Cladding


Brand: Plastivan Model: PEMBS16795
Durasid Original. Single Siding. 167mm by 5 metres. Traditional overlapping. Natural Look...
Ex Tax:£27.18
Brand: Homeline Model: ESLCSTAG
The Anthracite Grey Cladding Edge Trim can be used to neaten cladding around windows or to start the first length of the cladding when it has been necessary to cut the lower edge of the cladding making the use of a starter trim impossible...
Ex Tax:£10.56
Brand: Homeline Model: ESLCSTBCSW
Description: White 5m Shiplap Cladding Starter Trim. This trim is suitable on flat surfaces Dimensions: 5m Length Colour White. Please note this trim does no shown when fitted and is therefore only available in white...
Ex Tax:£9.40
Brand: Homeline Model: ESLCECAG
The Anthracite Grey uPVC Cladding 2-Part Corner Angle is used to return lengths of cladding around a 90-degree corner. This 2 part trim is easy to install by fixing the internal piece under the grey cladding, and the external part over the cladding. Provided as a 5m length. Quite sturdy at 16mm this trim is external grade and would be suitable for use with other products at 15mm to 17mm thickness.  Colour matches most Dark Grey uPVC cladding 5m in length 10-year guarantee ..
Ex Tax:£32.56
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLTE95
Two-Part Edge Trim, snap down for easy installation this trim is used at the side of the cladding panel it provides a straight finished edge and also acts as an expansion joint. The two-part trim is also used on the edges when the cladding has been cut at an angle. This helps to create a straighter line and provide expansion...
Ex Tax:£28.12
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLS
Compatible with all other Durasid products, Original, Elegance, Natural, Vertical siding, Single siding and Double Siding and most other manufactures or plastic wall cladding systems. This trim is hidden behind the cladding after it is installed  Only comes in white and are 5 metres in length.  ..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLV
Continuous ventilation trim in black for use on the lower edge and top edge of PVC wall cladding. Covers the gaps that need to be left for venting wall cladding to help reduce the number of insects that might get behind the cladding. Multipurpose trim with all sorts of potential uses  A ventilation profile for sidings. Vent Side 50mm deep. 50mm by 30 mm by 2.5 Metre Only available in Black.  ..
Ex Tax:£7.92
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLH95
Center H-Section Joint for Original Sidings. 16mm deep this produces a straight joint in the cladding which also acts as an expansion joint to form a panel looking finish  Anthracite Grey Colour Comes in 5 metres..
Ex Tax:£9.25
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSBJ16795
Standard single siding connector for Durasid Original single siding cladding 167mm...
Ex Tax:£2.15
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSBJI16795
Invisible single connector to connect 167mm single siding cladding together. Comes in 6 colours to choose...
Ex Tax:£1.88
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLC295
Two-part internal and external corner for Durasid Original sidings. Comes in 5 metres. 6 colours to choose from to match perfectly with your sidings...
Ex Tax:£27.08
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLCALI95
Lacquered aluminium corner. 20mm by 20mm and comes in 5 metres. The aluminium section is exposed on the corner to add strength in areas where the corner may gey knocked. The cladding is installed as normal and at 16mm plus the width of normal trims it should end up with a near flush finish.  6 colours to choose from in the Durasid Original range...
Ex Tax:£84.70
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLAA95
Durasid lacquered aluminium corner profile for Durasid Original, Elegance and Natural. Aluminium corner angles add a professional touch to the corners of external cladding around doors and windows. Comes in 5-metre lengths and are 50mm by 100mm. Comes in all available colours from the Original, Elegance and Natural range...
Ex Tax:£52.78
Brand: Plastivan Model: PSLA95
Durasid corner profile for Original cladding.This anthracite grey corner angle profile has been designed for the short edge to be on the surface of the cladding and the long side to go into the reveal or windows and doors to avaiod the need of architraves and trims around the window. 50mm by 100mm Comes in 5m length...
Ex Tax:£52.78
Brand: Freefoam Model: ACSS250
Stainless steel screws  30mm m3.5 suitable for use with PVC cladding or soffit and PVC edge trim where the fixings are hidden. Freefoam Fortex Cladding Screw M3.5 X 30mm X 250 approx Stainless Steel..
Ex Tax:£9.98
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Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 10th April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout