UPVC Shiplap Cladding

PVC Shiplap Cladding


Shiplap Cladding Solid PVCu 


Shiplap cladding is a great way to add colour to new build or renovation projects panels can be created between widows or to break up bare walls. Colours are available to match most colours offered by the windows industry, Being plastic shiplap cladding is waterproof easy to install and easy to keep clean. PVC cladding has been in use for over 30 years it is a tried and tested product which has proven to be versatile and when fitted as per the manufactures specification it has a long life. not requiring much maintenance work it is a cost-effective solution to cover walls and if you get bored with a colour you can simply change it without too much expense.

We recommend the use of a breathable wall membrane behind the cladding to allow the area behind to breathe and catch any water which through capillary action on windy days which manages to get behind the cladding protecting the structure behind. Cladding is available in a quickly growing range of colours and textures We have shiplap cladding in these colours but we also have Fortex textured cladding and Kavex cladding with the latest system available form Durasid which includes a vertical cladding system

Cladding sizes Calculating Your Requirements.

Times the width of your chosen board by its length (sizes quoted on this site are the coverage size boards are actually bigger) 

width x length = coverage in square meters. Calculate the number of square meters of wall you wish to cover and then divide by the board coverage. Please note you will have waste and may need to allow for this in your calculations.

  1. White
  2. Foiled White
  3. Black Ash
  4. Anthracite Grey (Wood Grain Effect)
  5. Dark Grey
  6. Slate Grey
  7. Light Oak
  8. Mahogany
  9. Rosewood
  10. Black Ash
  11. Wine Red
  12. Royal Blue
  13. Rustic Green

Majority of the product lengths normally comes in 2.495-metre or 5-metre lengths. We keep the most used colours in stock some colours may take a week or so to arrive.


Shiplap Cladding Colour Options

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