3 Inch Profile PVC













Corrugated Roof Sheet Information

PVC corrugated cleat and translucent sheets are ideal PVC sheet for roofing and cladding, qualities include:

The roof sheet provides 3 times more natural light into a building than the same area of vertical glazing: important when creating a bright pleasant environment below is important

Excellent fire performance: PVC is a self-extinguishing material which will melt away from the flames stopping as soon as the source is removed

PVC sheets are strong yet light in weight Simple to handle and install

Good workability: cutting and drilling the material are straightforward procedures requiring only the most basic of tools Corrugated sheets in a three-inch Standard profile are an ideal option for low-cost lean-to roofs or carports  Available in clear finish 0.8mm Please note all deliveries and collections take 2-5 working days to organise delivery. Minimum delivery is 10 sheets


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