Ecovat Water Harvesting

Eco-Vat Home
Domestic Rainwater Harvesting System

Key Benefits of Eco-Vat Home
Eco-Vat Home has been created by Polypipe after intensive research and development to create a robust and cost-effective rainwater harvesting system for the UK domestic market. Polypipe has almost 10 years experience in rainwater harvesting and it is through our proven track record that we have been able to develop a new system specifically for the domestic market. Rainwater harvesting allows the home owner to save up to 50% of their water usage within the home. 

Rainwater Harvesting
Individual water use has increased by 30% since 
1970. Rainwater harvesting solutions collect water where 
it falls (rather than forcing it to drain away where it can add to flooding problems) and also reduces the demand for treated mains water by re-using the harvested rainwater for applications within a residential or commercial building, such as toilet flushing, clothes washing and commercial wash-down areas

No Concrete Surround
The structured wall design of Eco-Vat Home has created a system that is unique in its ability to withstand, a high water table. The beauty of Eco-Vat Home is that it will never need a concrete surround in non-loaded applications, even if there is a high water table. All that is needed is a concrete base that the tanks are strapped to. It provides a simple solution to a complex problem of rising water tables and changing weather patterns. As most systems are installed in the summer months, when water tables are at their lowest, the resulting winter rising water table is often not taken into account, meaning a lot of inferior plastic tanks are crushed by the hydrostatic pressures. Eco-Vat Home however has been designed by Civil Engineers to withstand these hydrostatic pressures. Based on a tried and tested product that has been installed on 100,000's of Civil Engineering applications, it has already proven its ability to succeed. Further testing has taken place proving the tanks capability to withstand up to 0.6 bar of pressure, far beyond the pressures the tank will ever face.
Gravity Fed or Pressurised Systems
Polypipe WMS offer both gravity-fed and pressurised systems. Within a gravity-fed system, water is pumped from the underground tank to a header tank in the loft which then feeds to each appliance. Pressurised systems pump water directly from the underground tank to each appliance on demand. Polypipe WMS advise the use of a gravity system where possible to reduce the effects of pump failure in the event of a power cut. 



  • Able to sustain high water tables without the need for concrete surround
  • Designed by civil engineers to create a robust rainwater harvesting solution for domestic applications, specifically for the UK market
  • Based on a proven and tested product installed in 100,000s of civil engineering projects
  • Comes pre-assembled, ready for installation
  • Tanks are designed for a shallow overall burial, resulting in a quicker and cheaper installation
  • Available as gravity-fed or pressurised system
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint, by lowering the volume of water from local treatment works
  • Reduces domestic mains water usage by up to 50%
  • Three stage filtration, resulting in the water being filtered to 110 microns 
  • Filter uses 'first flush' principle 
  • Mains water back-up 
  • Can be used for toilet flushing, washing machine use and garden irrigation 
  • Rain is soft water, which reduces lime scale and prolongs the lifespan of appliances 
  • Tanks sizes available from 1500-5500 litres 
  • Only a small control panel within the house, all other components are installed within the tank 
  • No noise from the pump as it is located within the underground tank
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