Durasid Embossed Cladding

Durasid Cladding

Durasid is a complete cladding system that can be used for new buildings and renovation: ideal to be used in housing, static park homes and industrial buildings. The core is made of cellular PVC-U with a coextruded top layer.

The system is an aesthetic alternative to traditional claddings.

The benefits of these external claddings are:

  • Little maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Very Durable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Insulating Function
  • Available in different finishings and colours
  • Natural Look

3 Models of siding with a large embossing are available, all in a 5m length:

  • Single Siding 167mm
  • Vertical Siding 167mm can also be used horizontally
  • Double Siding 333mm