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Durasid is a complete cladding system that can be used for new buildings and renovation with some of the range suitable to be installed vertically this new exciting option is proving very popular:  This cladding system has been designed to be used in housing new and refurbishment, static park homes and industrial buildings. The core is made of cellular PVC-U with a coextruded top layer.

The system is an aesthetic alternative to traditional claddings simply to install with little or no maintenance required

The benefits of these external claddings are:

  • Little maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Very Durable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Insulating Function
  • Available in different finishings and colours
  • Natural Look

3 Models of siding with a large embossing are available, all in a 5m length:

  • Single Siding 167mm
  • Vertical Siding 167mm can also be used horizontally
  • Double Siding 333mm

Boards are normally available in two to three days working days which can vary in busy times. Some of the trims supplied, corners etc are available as an option in aluminium rather than PVC which provides a stronger option where required.


Durasid® sidings are low-maintenance. The closed surface structure means that the panels do not absorb moisture, this reduces algal growth and moss formation. Dust and grime can be cleaned using a sponge, soft brush or high-pressure hose (max. 80 bar and with the nozzle at least 50cm away). The water must be clean with a week mild household fairy Liquid. Aggressive substances or solvents must never be used.


Durasid also has within its range a selection of boards which are suitable for installation in a vertical position the result is a stunning contemporary modern look.

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  • 3.5mm X 30mm Cladding Fixings
    Stainless steel screws  30mm m3.5 suitable for use with PVC cladding or soffit and PVC edge trim where the fixings are hidden. Freefoam Fortex Cladding Screw M3.5 X 30mm X 250 approx Stainless Steel ..
    Stainless steel screws  30mm m3.5 suitable for use ...
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