Hunter Regency Guttering

Hunter Regency Guttering

Hunter Regency Gutter offers a classic elegance that is suitable for use on modern or period style buildings. The Regency system has a unique profiled 74mm downpipe. Regency has a large flow capacity, therefore reducing the need for downpipes. It can be used with square and round downpipe for greater style and pricing flexibility.
A unique system with curved guttering and down pipes to match ideal for modern period homes.Available in black brown and white.
Suitable for all modern period and architecturally designed projects.

Running Outlet
With Delta flow diverters, flowing rainwater is deflected straight into the downpipe, so you can save on the amount of downpipes required. The outlet nozzle position at the back of the gutter allows the downpipe to be fixed to the fascia for a secure installation.

Regency Profiled Pipe
The 74mm downpipe makes Regency one of the most attractive systems available today - the downpipe becomes a feature in itself.

Long Stopend
Designed with a plain flat face, for use directly when fitting up to a wall, long enough to convert to an outlet using Uni-Fit for both left and right handed installations.

Gutter Installation Guide

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