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Mini Guttering Floplast

Mini Guttering

The mini Gutter system from Floplast is available in 4 colours white brown black and light grey the rainwater system is designed for use on small roof areas such as greenhouses porches etc. The small size keeps the gutter in proportion with the smaller roof structure and is specified by architects for this reason on everything from bike sheds, bay windows to porches. The downpipes can be fitted with rainwater diverters which can be connected to water butts which are very useful for water saving in the garden and it can also help with water in difficult to get to areas. This rainwater system is available in 4 colours white black brown and light grey.


Fitting is very similar to standard size guttering but the fascia brackets that hold the gutter and the downpipe clips are single fix so they only require one screw. This helps when roof joists or building structures are made with thin timber. The gutter sections and the downpipes come in 2m lengths

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