Internal Window Sills

Internal Window Cill


Internal cover sills are manufactured with PVC which makes a great window cill you can either cover your existing cill or completely remove and replace PVC sills are waterproof so they can cope with condensation from your glazing and they mould proof so with a mould proof silicone you can have years with no major cleaning required. Installation is simple and it is cheap enough to replace these sills when you redecorate if required. 

Simple to cut with a fine-toothed saw then glue into place with solvent free adhesive and silicone around the edges and to the window frame to seal the gap.

The bullnose sill is the best seller with matching end caps the material at the front of the window reinforces the front edge and as its bull nosed it hides any dips in the board. At 55mm from top to bottom, the front edge gives the impression the window sill is quite substantial.

Sills come in four main colours white mahogany oak and rosewood if you require grey you can also select from our grey boards. not quite so nice on the front edge but if you need the colour they will work.

Windows can also have PVC board fitted around the inside of the reveals this avoids mould and condensation and it can reduce heat loss in older type properties. You can use internal corners to add a neat finish