Gloss White Ogee

Ogee Guttering In Brilliant White


Ogee Guttering In Brilliant White


Freeflow gutter rainwater system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours. The white internal face of the gutter helps reduce heat build-up and reduces the effects of expansion reducing noises and leaks

Technical Information

Freeflow® gutter outlets angle unions and stop ends are manufactured with advanced long-life compressible seals. This results in flexible, watertight joints when lengths of guttering are connected together. 
Compressible seals allow the gutters to move silently and prohibit the creation of gaps which would ultimately cause leaks.
Freeflow gutters and downpipes are covered with a temporary protective film
Freeflow® gutter systems are manufactured using a combination of recycled and virgin materials to minimise environmental impact and optimise product performance. 
Recycled content varies, however it is typically up to 85% of the final product. 
All recycled material used is 100% lead-free Freefoam material.

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