25mm Athermic Poly Sheet Grey

We are now experiencing some of the warmest summers on record which are expected to continue and increase in the future. Macrolux have developed a new technologically advanced - Polycarbonate sheet to reduce excessive heat build up in conservatories and delay the time for achieving the maximum temperature.

The revolutionary Macrolux ‘ATHERMIC HEATSHIELD’ is a special reflective finish which is co-extruded into the upper surface of Macrolux Multiwall polycarbonate sheets. To further reduce internal glare, the underside is Opal finish and also gives a bright internal appearance. Conservatories, especially those with clear roofs experience an excessive heat build up and are limited to installing roof vents and/or
blinds - options which can potentially exceed a customer’s budget and in many instances detract from the beauty of the conservatory. Cutting tolerance is + - 10mm

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