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  • Roofline Slate Vent 600mm x 300mm
    Optional pipe treminal can provide either 110mm or 125mm connections.Roofline Slate Vent Designed for easy fitting with all slate sizes, the 600mm x 300mm avoids the need for cutting upslope slates. All Corovent slate vents are supplied with a 110mm dia. Spigot for pipe termination as standard...
    Ex Tax: £18.56 £22.27
  • Economy Slate Vent With Pipe Adapter
    Economy Slate Vent With Pipe Adapter The COROVENT Economy Slate Vent is manufactured from long lasting injection moulded polypropylene that gives a matt slate grey finish. Use at low, mid or high level on pitches down to 200. The COROVENT HP1 pipe adaptor assembly should only be used with 600 x 300..
    Ex Tax: £4.15 £4.98
  • Comb Filler Bird Stop
    Comb Filler 1000mm. No need to buy expensive, bespoke profiled fillers. Flexible, self-adjusting fingers fill gaps left when used with profiled tiles. Prevents entry of birds and large insects. ..
    Ex Tax: £0.38 £0.45
  • Over Fascia Vent OV10 1m x 10mm
    Over Fascia Vent 10mmThe OV10 has a unique low profile design with an overall height of 16mm, for minimum disruption to eaves detail, and allows a 10mm air gap. Matches FV10 in all other respects  ..
    Ex Tax: £0.64 £0.77
  • Over Fascia Vent FV25 1m x 25mm
    Over Fascia Vent 25mm The FV25 has is extremely strong, resists the weight of tiles, and crushing of foot traffic whilst roof is being finished. Ideal for use on all slate or tiled roofs.  ..
    Ex Tax: £0.89 £1.07
  • Continuous Rafter Tray Rollout Pack
    Continuous Rafter Tray (Rollout) The Harcon continuous rafter tray has recently been redesigned in line with roofers’ requests. Typical roll formed rafter trays easily flatten and stretch, reducing the ventilation path. The Harcon continuous rafter tray uniquely solves this problem by incorporating..
    Ex Tax: £4.53 £5.44
  • Combination Roof Ventilation Pack
    Practical, cost-effective solution for roof ventilation requirements. Pack contains 6m continuous roll of panel eaves ventilator suitable for 400, 450 and 600mm rafter centres, 6m felt support trays and 6m over fascia ventilators. 10,000mm² air flow capacity per 1m.1 x 6m roll Corovent continuou..
    Ex Tax: £20.64 £24.77
  • Single Rafter Trays
    Available to fit three rafter spacing's. Two versions give either 10mm or 25mm continuous ventilation, depending on requirements of Building Regulations. They fit over the rafters above the wall plate and can be nailed or stapled to the rafters. ..
    Ex Tax: £0.66 £0.79
  • Kits sold in 6m packs
    The Corovent dry fix valley system is supplied as a complete system with all the components to fix 6m of ridgeURS6 Dry Ridge System consists of: • 6m Dry Ridge Roll Out Tray • 13 Dry Ridge Union Strips • 13 Dry Ridge Caps • 13 Dry Ridge Brackets ..
    Ex Tax: £62.51 £75.01
  • Eaves Protection System 1.4m Eaves Tray
    Eaves Fascia TrayThe standard 1400mm FT150 trays are fixed above the fascia board form a lightweight rigid support for the lower edge of the underlay, which can be cut back short of the gutter.Formed from tough, rot-resistant rigid black thermoplastic. The FT150 is recommended for remedial a..
    Ex Tax: £1.15 £1.38
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