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Plastic top pins and nails are a unique range of self masking fasteners specially developed for use on all exposed fixing areas particularly UPVC and other maintenance free profiles. Easy to use-simply hammer them home like ordinary nails.

Effective specially designed annular rings on the shank provide the plastic top pins and  with the gripping chacteristics of conventional wood screws. Practical the polymer shatter proof head together with the A4 stainless steel shank make the plastic top pins and nails corrosion resisting and maintenance free. Secure the flat poly mer head with its specially Tampered sides means the plastic top nail is far more tamper resistant than ordinary screws and nais.

Use inside or out I.E.Fascia Barge Boards Portable Buildings Soffit Boards Cladding, Window Trims Door Trims Skirting Architraves Fencing Furniture etc.

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