WarmCore BI Fold Doors and windows

Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, WarmCore aluminium windows and bi fold doors were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation.

The unique, full width thermal core used in the bi fold doors and windows is the key to why WarmCore windows are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems.Doors and windows have a glazing option of triple glazed 44mm units with great u values and lower noise.

Warmcore bi fold doors and windows are built WITH A REVOLUTIONARY thermal core at its heart which is Strong and secure, WarmCore windows come
with multi-point locking, internal beading and are backed by a 10 year product guarantee.


Warmcore windows are available as casement or tilt and turn windows, and with a flush sash option that brings the outer frame perfectly level with the opening part of the window - WarmCore windows are the perfect warm, secure and beautiful modern solution to glazing your home.

Our doors and windows are manufactured to size at our Bristol site in St Philips you are welcome to call in and discuss your requirements with us during our normal open times 



Which aluminium door and window system to use?

The problem with aluminium windows has been the aluminium itself loses heat.aluminium is a good conductor of energy. Meaning that the warmth
from your home finds an easy path outside, which leads to higher heating bills. Most aluminium systems try to overcome this
inherent weakness by replacing a section of aluminium with a small thermal break of less conductive material to lessen this heat loss.

What are U-Values?

U-Values explained
A U-Value is a measure of heat loss through a structural element. 
It is calculated on the rate at which heat transfers through 1 square metre of a structure and is stated in
W/m2K. U-Values are used by the construction industry to compare the thermal performance
of different materials and products.

U1.6 W/m2K
Current Building Regulations Part L
requirements for replacement windows
Warmcore Windows U values 
Double Glazed  U1.3
Triple Glazed     U0.8

* Data correct at time of publication, and dependent on window style. Based on competitor aluminium 70mm systems with the same glass specification.


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