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White round guttering 112mm standard half round shape

Information: White Guttering

White round guttering is the best selling rainwater system a simple half round shape which is practical and is easy to install.  Offering a cost-effective solution for new build construction extensions garages and refurbishment applications. 

Compatible with most major manufacturers.

White Round Gutter Features : -

Good Flow Capacity 

Pre-Fitted Gutter Seal Retaining Clip System 

Pre-Lubricated Seals

Technical Specification

All Aquaflow Guttering is manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Comply with the material requirements of either BS EN 12200-1:2000, BS EN 607:2004 or BS EN 1462:2004 as relevant. 

• Attractive square profile 114mm profile compatible with most manufacturers 

• High flow capacity

• High-quality finish

• Square to round adapters for easy connection to adjoining houses

• Suits all types of homes, conservatories and extensions

Brand: Aquaflow Model: AG2W
  Description : Stylish Gloss White Half Round guttering, 2m long x 112 mm wide x 52mm depth.  Should be fitted at 1:350 fall for optimum flow rate. Manufacturer : Colour: White Dimensions : 2m Long x 112mm Wide x 52mm Depth..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AG4W
Description: White guttering half round , 4m long x 112 mm wide x 52mm depth.  Should be fitted at 1:350 fall for optimum flow rate. Manufacturer : Aquaflow Colour : White Dimensions : 4m Long x 112mm Wide x 52mm DepthWhite Round Gutter Features : -Good Flow Capacity Pre-Fitted Gutter Seal Retaining Clip System Pre-Lubricated SealsTechnical SpecificationAll Aquaflow Guttering is manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Comply with the ma..
Ex Tax:£5.92
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AP4W
  Description :  68mm Gloss White round 4 m down pipe fits straight onto fittings. Manufacturer :  Colour : White Dimensions : 68mm Diameter x 4m length ...
Ex Tax:£7.99
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AA1W
Description: This Gloss White 90º Gutter Angle joint, allows you to take your guttering around an internal or external corner of 90º.  It is fitted with rubbers and clips at each end for a water tight seal.  This corner joint requires gutter clips to be fitted to the gutter either side for support.   Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£2.00
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AA2W
Description:  This is a Gloss White 135º corner joint for use with 4m  112mm White Half Round guttering, it can be used for both internal and external corners.  With rubber seals and clips to form a water tight seal when fitted, gutter clips will be needed to be fitted to the guttering either side of the corner joint for support. Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£2.94
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AG5W
  White 5 Metre Half Round Gutter AG5W..
Ex Tax:£8.50
Brand: Floplast Model: RA3W
Description :  A new and innovative two section design of this product allows flexibility where never before thought possible. No more waiting for special angles to be fabricated- and no more hold ups on the job. Flexibility on the shelf and when you want it! Perfect on conservatories and bay windows. This Gloss Black Adjustable Angle allow you to take your guttering around internal and external corners from a range of  50º - 156º degrees, fitted at both ends and at the join..
Ex Tax:£18.37
 White Guttering Round Gutter In Line Running Outlet
-10 %
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AO1W
Description :   Gloss White In-Line Running Outlet for use with112mm Half Round Guttering, connects to  68mm Downpipe.  Both sides fitted with Rubbers and Clips for a water tight seal. Manufacturer : Aquaflow Colour : White..
£2.20 £2.44
Ex Tax:£1.83
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AO2W
Description: 112mm Gloss White Stopend Outlet, gets pipes in close to walls.  For use with 112mm Half Round Gutter and 68mm downpipe. There is a fixing point on each side which are to be drilled out on which ever side you want to fix it on. Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£2.08
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AE1W
Description: 112mm Gloss White Half Round Gutter External Stop End, fits directly on to the end of 112mm half round guttering. They are fitted with rubber and clip for a watertight seal. Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£1.09
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AE2W
Description: Gloss White Internal Stop End for 112mm Half Round Gutter, these fit into the ends of Union joints or Running Outlets. Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£0.79
Brand: Master Plastics Model: AA3W
White 120 Degree Half Round Gutter Angle AA3W..
Ex Tax:£4.32
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AU1W
  Description : Gloss White 112 mm  Gutter Union / Joint, allows  112mm Half Round guttering to be joined together in a straight line.  Each unit has 3 fixing points, to allow easy installation, and no need for gutter support brackets either side. Fitted with rubbers and clips for a water tight seal. Manufacturer :  Colour : White ...
Ex Tax:£1.25
Brand: Master Plastics Model: AA4W
White 150 Degree Half Round Gutter Angle AA4W..
Ex Tax:£4.32
Brand: Floplast Model: RDS1W
Description: Use to join plastic 114mm square gutter onto plastic 112 mm Half Round guttering.   Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£3.36
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AK1W
    Description : Gloss White Gutter Brackets for use with 112mm Half Round Black Gutter -  (place at max 1 metre centres). Manufacturer :  Colour : White..
Ex Tax:£0.62
Brand: Floplast Model: RD5W
Description: Gloss White Half Round 112mm Gutter converter, this allows you to connect  Half Round 112mm Guttering to existing half Round Cast Iron guttering. Fitted with a rubber and clip at the end for the gutter and 2 clips and a nut and bolt to attached the cast iron side, it is recommended that you use a Roof and Gutter sealant to seal this joint (link below for sealant). Colour: White  ..
Ex Tax:£4.89
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AS1W
Description: 68mm Gloss White round downpipe joiner for use with  68mm Round Downpipe. Colour: White  ..
Ex Tax:£0.96
Brand: Floplast Model: RC4W
Description: Traditionally Classic Gloss White Down pipe clip with fixing lugs add that traditional finishing touch to your downpipes, and to complete the effect why not use FC50 fixings (see link below). Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£1.10
Brand: Floplast Model: RS2W
Description: Why not give your downpipes a traditionally classic look when joining downpipes together, with these Gloss White Pipe socket with fixing lugs, and finish off the effect by using 12 gauge 50mm stainless steel white cap fixings (FC10) - (sold in packs of 10) - see link below. Colour: White..
Ex Tax:£1.87
Brand: Floplast Model: RB4W
Description : Give your downpipes a more traditionally classic look with this Gloss White Down Pipe Shoe with fixing lugs, fits  68mm round downpipe, and to finish off the look why not use the 12 gauge x 50nn stainless steel Black Capped fixings (FC50 - sold in packs of 10) - see link below. Manufacturer :  Colour : White..
Ex Tax:£2.20
Brand: Floplast Model: D96
Description: Universal rainwater 110mm adaptor. Accepts 65mm square and 68mm round downpipe. External rainwater downpipes can be connected directly to a surface water drain or. depending on the design. via a gully trap to the underground drainage system.68mm downpipe x 110mm pipe adaptor - downpipe can be connected directly to drain pipes via this connector a gully or trap is still required below ground...
Ex Tax:£9.74
Brand: Floplast Model: RX1W
Description : Round Gloss White 68mm Downpipe Access Pipe. Used to allow access to downpipe for blockage inspection without the need to access from the top. Manufacturer :  Colour : White..
Ex Tax:£9.23
Brand: Hunter Model: R666B
Description : This 68mm Spigot to 50mm Spigot in Gloss Black allows you to convert down from a 68mm downpipe to a 50mm mini downpipe. Manufacturer : Hunter Colour : Black..
Ex Tax:£6.50
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