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Window Cills

Upvc Internal Cills and External Cills For Windows

Cill or Sills? Our spell checkers are going mad. UK its cills and in the USA its sills. For website optimisation, we use both.

UPVC bull-nosed internal window cills in white oak rosewood and external cills stub cill 150mm cill and 180mm cill.Internal Cills and External Cills For WindowsUPVC bull-nosed internal window cills in white oak rosewood and external cills stub cill 150mm cill and 180mm cill.

Internal Window Cills Information Uses

The window cill board can used on top of existing timber cills, or the wood can be removed and the brickwork below can be made good (flat) and the upvc window board can be glued to it. Installation is relatively simple there are a few things to watch out for firstly if your fixing glue needs to be solvent-free and the boards need a few millimetres of clearance across the cill to allow for expansion when the cills heat up. Boards are fixed using solvent-free glue which is suitable 9 mm or 10 mm and 16mm thick boards

Originally these boards were designed to be used with revealing liners which are square leg boards that go onto the side and top of the window reveals to prevent heat loss and to help reduce the build-up of mould and damp. The boards are fitted up the inside of the window reveals, and an Everwhite silicone is should use to join the board to the window.

This has a dramatic effect on cold and warm air mixing together down the side of the window frame and this, in turn, prevents or sometimes cures the build-up of mould that forms in some older houses in these areas these boards can be nailed or glued in to place using stainless steel pins or solvent-free adhesive, Reveal liners can also be used just because they look great and they are so simple to keep clean it also gets you away from trying to get wallpaper around the corner into the window.

uPVC External Window Cill and Internal Window Cills Technical information

  • RAL Colour: White 9010 Product Length Tolerance: +-5mm
  • All Sizes Available: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 300mm or 405mm measured externally add 9mmProduct
  • Thickness: 9mm 17mm 18mm 22mm 25mm Return Leg: 38mm Inside Leg: 27mmAccreditations: BBA & BSI Approved Guarantees: Minimum10 years
  • Product Type: Square Leg Bull nosed and ogee Fascia Board or Reveal Liner

Cill Accessories -

Internal, joints and internal corners are available, you can also use architraves and quadrants to build up PVC area where it meets the window frame .


From Bristol City Centre We aim to deliver most white PVC exterior window sill orders within a couple of days, but this can vary due to stock levels and demand on our delivery fleet in peak times such as school holidays. Larger contractors orders tend to be placed weeks or months in advance. Guaranteed delivery dates need to be planned by at least four weeks. Whenever possible, we try to use our delivery fleet as this reduces damages and lost packages. When your delivery arrives, there are a few things to consider.

  1. The products should be stored off the floor, and they are bets not in direct sunlight if there is protective bubble wrap packaging this must be removed at the time of delivery. The actual storage bags on the boards should have the ends opened. Avoiding overheating due to the sun while in storage is the aim. Boards should be stored out of the way to avoid creating any trip hazards.

Maintenance Very simple once installed the window cill boards are fitted they only need a very occasional clean with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Solvents and abrasives should be avoided.

Manufacturers Guarantees.

Home Line Freefoam Kestrel Epwin Group Manufactures off different guarantees which come with different conditions attached Having been in the industry for 25 years we know these products are now very reliable and as such you are not likely to have any significant issues Ther are also conditions relating to the requirements of installation and conforming to building regulations which vary from England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

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