Forestline Alaska - White Ash Internal Cladding (4 Pack)

Forestline Alaska - White Ash Internal Cladding (4 Pack)

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Product Code: 6630
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FORESTLINE is a new collection of decorative panels. It is an imitation of natural wood covered with matt varnish. A hollow is clearly seen at the joints, which produces an interesting effect of wood panelling. Colours: Arizona, Alaska and Montana.

Internal Wall Cladding

Part Number: 6630

Colour : Alaska - White Ash

Dimensions : 250mm x 2.7m (Sold in Packs of 4  -  2.7m2 coverage)

Installation Guide - Click Here

Delivery : 5-10 working days 

​Our easy to follow installation guide is provided with each pack so you get the best from your decorative panels


PVC Panels are easy to install. Provided the wall surface is completely flat, you may glue/silicone the panels to the wall. If not you can either staple, nail or screw the boards on wooden battens. In rooms with a high humidity treated wood and stainless steel fixings should be used. Extra insulation can be installed between the battens.

1. In case you decide not to glue the panels to the wall, you start by placing wooden battens approx. every 30 cm. To install the panels vertically, place the battens horizontally and vice versa. 

2. Continue by measuring the number of panels you will need for the wall or ceiling. If the last panel is too narrow, we advise to saw the first panel so that you have at least 4 cm on either side.

3. Start by fixing the start and edge trim (no 9) around the surface you want to decorate. Insert the first panel into the trim. Make sure the first panel is placed perfectly straight (using a spiritlevel or a thread with weight) before stapling, nailing or screwing the lip onto the batten (every 30cm). Leave about 5mm clearance between the panel and the edge trim. A fine tooth saw is recommended for cutting the panels to size.

4. Insert the second panel completely into the groove before stapling (nailing or screwing) into the lip. Proceed in the same way with the next panels. For the finish you can also use the internal corner profile (profile no 4V), the external corner (profile no 17V) and/or the centre joint (profile no10).

General Information

Coverage: Each pack covers an area of 2.7sq metres. Product available in standard lengths of 2.7 metres and 6 metres to order.

Maintenance: Use normal cleaning agents i.e hot soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Solvents are not recommended neither should aggressive cleaning agents be used.

Fire: Plastivan have class 1 fire certification for various products, please contact us for further details.

Temperature: Use the product in temperatures between -20°C and +60°C.

Down Lighters: Refer to temperature information.

Performance: Plastivan Decor is for internal use only, when installed and maintained as per our instructions, the product is covered by a 10 year guarantee against crazing or fading due to U.V light. Only a low tack masking tape may be used during installation and removed immediately afterwards.

Preparation: We advise that all Decor panels should be visually inspected prior to fitting.


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