Alumina | 5 Pane Option

Alumina | 5 Pane Option

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Aluminium Bifold Doors UK White Grey Or Coloured


Alumina Aluminium 5 Panels

Our aluminium bifold doors can be supplied with big 1200mm wide sashes which increase the glass but reduces the visible frame. All doors are supplied ready to install and made to measure. 5 panes can cover a door opening size or 6.0m wide. These doors can also be built to a height of 2.5m which can mean the doors almost run from the ceiling to the floor.

Aluminium bifold doors are manufactured to your required size in our Bristol factory. We deliver the UK nationwide. Best quality glass is supplied as standard we other 16 colour options.

Alumina Aluminium 5 Panels


As with all Alumina products, it's not just anthracite grey bifold doors are popular but there is also a lot of additional. Colour options residential aluminium bi-folding doors can be supplied with almost any powder coated RAL colour finish or foiled with one of Liniar’s realistic factory fitted woodgrain foils colour can add the wow factor. The extra height can increase natural light to any living space The woodgrain options let you combine both PVC windows with aluminium doors but in an exact match colour offering you a wide range of colour options. All colours come with a comprehensive guarantee and at competitive prices


Residential sliding doors systems are available with 28mm double glazing or 36/40mm triple glazing, offering thermally efficient doors with U-values as low as 1.2W/m²K. Energy efficient


Our range of aluminium bifold patio doors come with standard low thresholds perfect for levelling floor levels or with high-performance half ramp and full ramp threshold options.

All Alumina bi-folding doors are available with many different threshold options.

Frame Only

  • 62 mm highRebated threshold provides optimum weather performance Face drained only

Frame & 150 mm Cill

  • 92 mm highRebated threshold provides optimum weather performance Common threshold option for most building types

Low Threshold

  • 23.5 mm high Minimises trip hazards; ideal for general family use Requires no trench excavation so is simple to install

Low Threshold & Half Ramp

  • 26.5 mm high Enables the interior flooring to be fitted flush to the doors Requires no trench excavation so is simple to install

Low Threshold & Full Ramp

  • 26.5 mm high Makes the low threshold Part M compliant for wheelchair access Requires no trench excavation so is simple to install


Our doors come with multi-point high security locking and anti-bump locks as standard these doors are suitable for both commercial and residential use these doors are designed as a high-quality, heavy-duty product.

Doors offer Internally glazed beads and multi point locking. aluminium. bifold doors supply only,

We manufacture for both trade and DIY customers delivery times vary depending on the time of the year all our aluminium doors are manufactured to order.

Are you buying a house?

Not all housebuilders use the same quality windows and doors, in fact, many of them only use the cheapest options without considering the quality or the environmental impact crazy that you can pay hundreds or thousands for a house only for the developer to save £400 and use third rate quality products. If you are buying a new house, demand windows and doors that meet current standards.

If the house is not built yet demand A++ windows and doors if it is made and they have used c rated windows walk away to send a message.

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