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Fortex Embossed Cladding



Fortex Coloured Cladding Weatherboard Or Double Shiplap


Fortex weatherboard textured cladding can be used on all types of exteriors including brick, masonry and concrete. Suitable for a wide variety of projects and situations, offering an attractive facade for both traditional and contemporary projects. The embossed finish creates a wood effect with a 3d finish that looks like real grained timber.

• New Build projects, both domestic and commercial. Renovation or new construction cladding offers an attractive modern finish. Easy to install and adds excellent waterproofed properties to exterior walls

• The feature wall adds panels of cladding between windows or on large dull surfaces can turn boring looks into stunning high-quality look at very affordable prices.

• Replace external timber cladding with PVC and no more paint problems or non-stop maintenance; it saves time and money to upgrade that old timber.

• Hanging tiles very popular in the 1980s can become a problem as the fixings begin to deteriorate replacing with PVC can add a fresh, clean look and end the repair cost.

• Replace tired and cracked render with new PVC cladding. A Perfect product for use by the sea to reduce the effects of salt in the air. PVC can cope well with the weather conditions. The pastel colours seem to suit building and construction designs in seaside towns with the same colours in use for hundreds of years.

Standard PVC open v and shiplap cladding is also available but not in the same colours


Benefits of low maintenance PVC-UE is a very stable material.

Embossed Cladding is formed from PVC-UE which need no painting or regular maintenance. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth and a quick wash with a hose pipe once a year is all that’s required to keep Fortex cladding products looking their best. A significant long-term advantage over wood cladding, which can need lots of maintenance and repainting.

Energy Saving

Yes, cladding can help to reduce heating bills, but there is more. Light colours used on south-facing walls can help to reduce the solar build-up of heat in the summer. Dark colours can be used to gain from solar heat on building that perhaps only catches the sun for a few hours a day. The Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) ‘, Green Guide to Specification,’ has given PVC cladding an A+ rating.

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Brand: Freefoam Model: ACSS250
Stainless steel screws  30mm m3.5 suitable for use with PVC cladding or soffit and PVC edge trim where the fixings are hidden. Freefoam Fortex Cladding Screw M3.5 X 30mm X 250 approx Stainless Steel..
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Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 3rd April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout