Class A Inspire Slate (25 Pack)

Class A Inspire Slate (25 Pack)

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Class A Synthetic Slate

Slates Needed : 18-22 per square metre depending on the pitch of the roof.

Available in Traditional Black, Oxford Grey, Mulberry Green, Country Green


Slate construction Manufactured from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene.

Size (slate) 17.5” x 11.6” (445mm x 295mm)

Weight (slate) 0.65 kgs.

Size (ridgecap) 5.9” x 17.5” (150mm x 445mm)

Weight (ridgecap) Weight = 0.65 kgs.

Minimum Pitch 18 degrees (fully boarded roof)
25 degrees (felt/batten roof)

Gauge 6.5” at 18-25 degrees
7.5” at 25 degrees and above

Coverage 19/sq. metre at 18-25 degrees
18/sq. metre at 25 degrees and above

Ridge 5.5 per linear metre

Packaging Pallet: 1600 Slates (1.04 tonnes)
Bundle: 25 slates (16.25kg)

Batten Size 38mm x 25mm treated battens

Fixing Large-headed galvanised 30mm x 2.5mm steel nails
(Using hammer or nail-gun).
Aluminium or copper nails may also be used but driving
them through the slate may cause bending.

Cutting Fine toothed handsaw, jig-saw or circular saw.

Storage/cold If temperature drops below zero, allow product to stand
for at least 24 hours at 4°C or above before installing.
Do not install in temperatures below 4°C.

Product Certification






Strength — the products have adequate strength to resist the loads associated with the installation of the roof.

Properties in relation to fire — the products will enable a roof to be unrestricted under the Building Regulations

Liquid water penetration — the products resist the
passage of moisture into the building.

Durability — under normal service conditions the
products will provide a durable covering with a service life of in excess of 20 years.

BBA Agrement certificate 08/4603 Complies with NHBC 2008 and Zurich Building Guarantee Tech manual 2007 including.. Fire rating  AA/AC – Wind driven Rain -  Wind uplift  - Water Absorbtion  - Freeze/ thaw cycle  -  Ultra Violet Exposure etc

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