Decorative Wall Panel Sealing Kit

Decorative Wall Panel Sealing Kit

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Sealing Kit includes: 2 Strips (1.85m), 2 Sealants, 1 Mitre Box, 2 End Caps, 1 Spatula & 3 Wipes

How it works ... Each cladseal strip has a green tape applied to the inside face of the strip. Sealux-N silicon cannot bond to this tap after it cures. When joint movement occurs between the ledge and the wall, the Sealux-N silicone simply releases off the green tape (under tension) and stretches to accomodate joint movement. All very simple.

A bond-breaker releases the silicone off the inside walls of the trim allowing it to stretch for movement between the ledge and the wall.

The sealant is protected inside a durable trim from exposure to the hostile shower environment.

The sealant is concealed and does not attract bio body wash & debris

No Exposed sealant, slime or mildew, just an unobtrusive seal that looks great!!

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