LED in-lite Fusion Ground spot light

LED in-lite Fusion Ground spot light

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The soft glow of the LED ground spotlight FUSION allows you to subtly mark off your terrace or driveway, for example.

And because the ring rests on the surface, this ground spotlight can also be easily incorporated in wood, for example.

For accenting path, driveway, terrace, pond borders, etc.

Various accessories are available for FUSION


Dimensions:  60 mm, Ring  68mm, overall height 55 mm

Material: Impact-resistant polycarbonate, filled with a 2-component resin, stainless steel ring

Colour: Silver Stainless steel, natural

Light source: LED

Lighting intensity: Small Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 1W

Illumination angle: 98§

Light reach: 0.5 m (2 ft)

USE: Concrete Natural stone Wood Gravel Lawn Drive-over

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