RVM1W Miniflo Rainwater Diverter - White

RVM1W Miniflo Rainwater Diverter - White

Brand: Floplast
Product Code: RVM1W
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Take rainwater from the down pipe to add to a water butt for use on the garden.

Connects to 50mm Minflo Round Downpipe

Colour White


1. Position the water butt maximum of 500mm from the rainwater downpipe.

2. Cut a 26mm circular hole 100mm from the top of the butt.

3. Taking a level line from the bottom of the hole, mark the pipe 8mm below this line and then mark the pipe 30mm above that line making a gap of 38mm.

4. Cut pipe on both marks and manoeuvre pipe to fit the diverter. Intall with the arrow pointing downwards. ( It may be necessary to fit a pipe clip under the diverter to support it.)

5. Fix the tank connector to the water butt, extend the flexible hose to connect the diverter to the water butt.


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