Ubbink Vented Eaves Protection Bird Stop

Ubbink Vented Eaves Protection Bird Stop

Brand: Ubbink
Product Code: OFVS/B
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Ubbink vented eaves protection system sold in 900mm lengths with a bird stop for use with tiles that have scrolls that will allow the birds into the roof eaves This is an effective bird protection system.


The sections have watertight joints and raised fixing points where the screws go the joints which also act as expansion joints for a trouble-free life. A perfect product to use with breathable roofing felt or to renovate an existing roof where the edge of the roof felt has perished.

Fits on top of the fascia board and under the roof felt to provide 10mm of continuous roof ventilation. No bird stop so it is suitable for use with flat roof tiles or slates. There is also a version with a bird stop added to the top. This product has been around for over thirty years Ubbink is a major trusted brand amongst UK roofing companies and is often specified by architects. This is probably the best invention for roofs since for a very long time. 

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