UPVC Double Glazed Made to measure Bi-fold 3 Panel Folding Door with 1 Fixed Door View This In Bristol

UPVC Double Glazed Made to measure Bi-fold 3 Panel Folding Door with 1 Fixed Door View This In Bristol

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UPVC bifold Doors Go On Add the WOW factor to your home.


Made-to-measure Three panelled bi-fold folding sliding door. 

This door is two bifold panels plus on fixed door

Using 70mm sculptured profile internally beaded, with an A Rating and 5 point locking system

Dimensions: The three panelled folding door will suit openings from 1500mm to 3000mm width, with a maximum height of 2200mm. Please enter your opening sizes in the box's on the right

Glass: 28mm thick 4-20-4 Clear Low-e toughened argon filled A Rated with warm edge spacer bar.

Opening Direction: Looking at the door from outside the house, do you want the fixed door hinged on the left or the right

Internal or external folding: Select if you'd like your door to folding internally or externally

Hardware: This door is supplied with white door furniture as standard, you can upgrade to Black Chrome or Brass from the options on the right.

Frame Colour: This door comes as white as standard you can upgrade to another colour in our range. Golden Oak or Rosewood. 

RAL Colours are available: Please call for prices and availability 

Threshold: This door comes with standard threshold, you can upgrade to Low Aluminium Threshold in the options on the right

Attention! This is a made to measure product and it is non-refundable from the point of confirmation.


We have manufactured windows and doors for over 25 years based in Bristol today we deliver Nationwide and we export many of our bespoke products around the world. We are confident you will find our doors to be high-quality and affordable if you need help please do call us.

Imagine being able to open up an entire wall of your room, creating space and letting fresh air and natural daylight flood into your home connecting your living space with your garden in summer. white bifold doors let you do just that.

Whether you have a rear living room or you are building an extension with a dining kitchen, a conservatory or an orangery, ModLok doors can provide a door that opens further than a patio or standard French doors. Liniar has manufactured the first fully bespoke uPVC bi-folds to be designed, engineered and made in the UK – and we believe they are still the best.

Folding door Colours

36 Ral Colour combinations with possible dual colours inside and out and even more new colours arriving all the time.

Opening Options

3 panel upvc bifold doors are available in a wide choice of opening configurations.

Safety features include the innovative low threshold option for family-friendly and wheelchair use. What’s more, this system is combined with the best security features on the market – bringing you a modern space-saving solution for your home that will definitely give it the ‘wow’ factor.

Better for the environment

One of the most effective ways you can save the energy within your home is through installing energy-efficient windows, doors and roofs.

Liniar frames outperform most of the other leading brands in the UK when it comes to thermal efficiency – mainly due to our innovative uPVC multi-chambered profile design.

The thermal efficiency of a white upvc bifold door is measured in U-values, which demonstrate how effective the door is at preventing the transfer of heat into and out of a building. The bi-folding doors offer high energy efficiency

The lower the U-value, the higher the doors’ effectiveness at keeping the heat inside your home when it’s cold outside.

The standard Liniar door range can achieve a U-value of 1.3 W/m2K when fitted with cost-effective double glazed units, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer and quieter home as well as lower energy bills.

And for even greater thermal efficiency, the Liniar ModLok bi-folding range can be fitted with triple glazing, reaching an impressive U-value of 1.0 W/m2K

These doors are becoming more popular than ever before, thanks in part to their regular appearance in television home make-over and lifestyle programmes.

Timber or aluminium are often perceived as the only materials that can be used, but doors made from lead-free PVCu can actually offer many more benefits:

• Smoother operation

• Higher thermal efficiency

• Lower maintenance

• Can perfectly match your other doors and windows

With Liniar’s foiled woodgrain-effect options can have the appearance of timber, without the need to repaint them each year.

If you choose our flat grey frames, your doors will rival the most contemporary aluminium range on the market, keeping your home much warmer at a more cost-effective price. And Liniar’s ‘top of the range’ ModLok™ offers even greater strength and rigidity, combining all of the structural benefits of an aluminium door set with the energy efficiency of PVCu.

Discover why more and more people are choosing Liniar’s ModLok to add an extra dimension to their homes.

Your Home. Your Choice.

The Liniar range offers complete flexibility, whatever the room or the size of the opening you need.

Manufactured in decorative sculptured profile, 36 colour combinations are possible and the range of colours is still growing. With options from two to seven panes, all with our beautiful, super-slim sightlines, you can also choose how many doors fold back to each side of the frame.

The Liniar standard door range is available in a wide range of configurations whilst the Liniar ModLok™ bi-folding range offers an even greater number, due to its additional strength and rigidity (see full table opposite).

A brand new concept in locking technology, ModLok™ bifold patio doors have been developed by Liniar to enable even wider door configurations.

Combining aluminium reinforcing within the PVC frame with a high-security locking mechanism, the Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold folding sliding door offers all the structural benefits of an aluminium door set combined with the thermal benefits of PVCu – bringing you the best of both worlds.

Our door pane numbering works like this:

• The first number shows the number of doors in total within the frame.

• The second number shows the majority of doors folding back to either left or right.

• The third number shows the balance of doors opening in the opposite direction.

So, a 4-3-1 door would be four panes wide, with three doors folding back to one side of the frame, and a single opening door on the other.

Designed for living.

Our concertina doors are crammed full of innovative design features.

Low maintenance

You can rest assured that you won’t need to spend hours looking after them to maintain their beauty.

Our 10-year frame guarantee gives you the peace of mind that the colours won’t fade – and not only that, you won’t need to treat or paint them each year to keep them in tip-top condition. Just an occasional wipe down with soapy water is all they need to keep them looking their best.

Liniar bi-fold Doors are Family-friendly

The Registered Design protected Liniar low-threshold option creates a seamless entrance and exit, making it ideal for family homes. An optional tray to seat the low threshold creates an easy-access ramp for wheelchairs and prams.

Ultra-low, the Liniar threshold measures just 24mm at its highest point, with silver or gold finish available to perfectly complement the door hardware.

Strong and secure

The shoot bolt locking mechanism design ensures the door is bolted firmly into the stainless steel track, maximising your security. Built-in anti-lift features, anti-bump cylinders, and optional anti-snap cylinders combine to bring you peace of mind.

ModLok™ is a highly innovative combined reinforcing and locking mechanism, bringing additional strength and rigidity to the doors and enabling you to have even wider configurations of bi-folding doors. ModLok™ also offers enhanced security features including 3 opposing hooks and 2 shoot bolts built into every master door, plus 2 anti-lift shoot bolts on every slave door.

The Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold offers all the structural benefits of an aluminium door set combined with the thermal benefits of uPVC.


ModLok bi-fold doors won the Queen's Award for Enterprise

We’ve added slim hinges with the fixings hidden inside, not only maintaining the sleek lines but enhancing security as they can’t be unscrewed from outside.

We wanted to offer a low threshold, without the need for expensive and messy excavation, so we designed our own clever solution.

We’ve even designed folding keys, to avoid any problems with keys being left in the locks during operation – it’s often the small things that make a huge difference.

Need help? We are a leading door supplier in Bristol Telephone need a bi-fold Bristol 0117 971 99 22 We manufacture PVC and aluminium powder coated bi-folding doors

Bi-Fold Installation Guide - Click Here

Minimum Panel Width (mm) 500mm
Maximum Panel Width (mm) 1000mm
Minimum overall width (mm) 1620mm
Maximum overall width (mm) 3120mm
Minimum Overall Height (mm) 2070mm
Maximum Overall Height (mm) 2320mm
Opening Options Single door on left or right hand side
Folding Options folding internally or externally
Door Furniture colour options White, Black, Chrome or Brass
Frame Colour Options White, Golden Oak, Rosewood
Threshold Options Standard, or Low
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