Conservatory Roof Vent - Installation Guide

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Installation of conservatory polycarbonate roof vents can be into both new and existing roofs you will need to remove the sheet from the roof, this makes fitting the skylight a little easier. Our vents are designed using white PVC window profile, which we use to manufacture the pre-made frames supplied in packs complete with gaskets and glazing beads, which are pre-cut and mitred. 

Once you have removed the sheet you will need to decide where to fit your vent, usually near to the top of the polycarbonate sheet, in the pack with the vent you will find a template for the hole  in to which the vent will be fitted, make the hole on to the roof sheet then carefully cut around the edges,   Cut a hole near a corner big enough to take a jigsaw blade and use the jigsaw to cut the sheet, remove and dust from the sheet with a vacuum.

Please remember the centrepiece that you cut out will be used to glaze the roof vent, take care to only cut around the edges.

On the template card provided, you will also find an internal square. This is the size that the offcut needs to be to glaze the opening window in the vent. 

Polycarbonate can be trimmed using a jigsaw, after cutting remove any dust from the sheets with a vacuum cleaner.

The pack comes complete with pre-cut beads glazing gaskets and silicone. Push the glazing gasket firmly into position as shown on the box.

To prevent dust from entering the sheets, use the tape provided to seal the ends of the polycarbonate sheets top and bottom. 

Use the silicone provided around the inner window to seal the polycarbonate sheet into place, then fit the pre-cut glazing beads into position to hold the sheet in place, its best to leave the vent for an hour at this stage while the silicone sets. 

Your glazed vent is now ready to be fitted into the original sheet, installing the vent is the same as glazing the window itself, again after glazing leaves the sheet until the silicone sets.

You can now carefully lift your roof sheet complete with the new vent into position back in the roof.

If your conservatory vent is too high to reach when installing we also stock a brass spindle with an eye-opener a handle can be used with the brass spindle supplied in different lengths 1m 1.5m and 2.0m depending on your requirements.

Please also read the instructions provided on the box before installing your new vent. 

View our range of polycarbonate roof vents.