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Gutter Ogee

White Ogee Guttering


Browse our ever-growing range of Ogee Gutter and Niagara Gutter Systems brought to you with brands including Aquaflow Niagara Freeflow and Regency.

Colours include three shades of white two shade of black Oak effect Cast iron effect 7024 7016 and more. Each Ogee rainwater system has matching downpipes and all the required fittings.


Ogee Systems from Aquaflow and Freeflow, Regency from Hunter and Niagara guttering from Floplast really come into their own when they are installed at a low level the moulded shape makes a feature of the gutter and can be classed as an upgrade to improve the look of your home. Walking down the garden path the first impression created can be improved with the installation of Ogee rainwater systems. Add a little colour we have brilliant glass white black cast iron effect and oak to name a few.

To get the best from this system it needs to be fitted straight and to ensure it can cope with any snowfall ensure the gutter brackets are no more than 800 mm apart. The wide top and flat bottom provide an excellent flow rate and the extra width makes cleaning a lot easier. Although it is a little more expensive than standard guttering these systems do still represent great value for money.


Downpipes can be fitted with optional rainwater diverters to harvest rainfall for your garden. There are also heavy-duty looking pipe sockets and shoes available to the Floplast system to add that finishing touch. 

What is Ogee Guttering?

The origins of the Ogee shape in Architecture date way back the shape was originally used in stone masonry to form arches which were very strong and could support heavyweights but the shape carried over into plastering with coving and internal supports with corbels and other features in construction the term Ogee relates to the double S shape in the curve. Guttering itself goes even further back, difficult to pin down an exact date but thousands of years BC. Originally gutters were made of brick and lined or waterproofed many gutters were built in stone behind parapet walls and then lined with lead. The combination of stone masonry, lead work and gargoyles in the stone wall to let water escape was a lot of work Gargoyles can be pinned down to around 1066 these decorative faces made by the local stonemasons seem to be a borrowed idea from the Norman invaders Gargoyles simply shot the water out from the building, which in turn probably caused all sorts of issues so the invention of a downpipe was needed 1240 ad-ish there are records of downpipes being fitted (Half a system) I will need to look into what material was used but I will guess at lead because the cast iron revolution really starts in the 1700s with the production of cast iron comes half-round shaped gutter in cast iron a lot less work at the time which must have been quite a relief. From this standard half-round shape two new shapes have created an Ogee with a square back and an Ogee with a standard curved back. Original ogee cast iron gutters were firmly on the map, That is until 1939 - 1945 when the country had a serious iron shortage during this time the development of plastics took off. Today our systems look good on any house but we do find a lot of customers are replacing the old cart iron systems and wish to keep to a similar look so we have cast iron look-alike systems. 

Cast Iron Effect Guttering

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Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 3rd April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout