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Grey round guttering original light grey 112mm standard half round


Light grey guttering rainwater system is a practical, easy to install the system. This is a standard grey colour which has been in use since the 1940s today most round systems are compatible but pre 1979 systems were based more on a 4-inch imperial size which is closer to 100 mm.

Offering a cost-effective solution for both new build and refurbishment applications. 
Compatible with most major manufacturers.

Features : -
Good Flow Capacity Suitable for domestic property construction blends well with storm grey and slate grey.
Pre-Fitted Gutter Seal Retaining Clip System 
Big range of products and matching soil systems 


Brand: Aquaflow Model: AG4G
  Description : Traditional Grey Half Round guttering, 4m long x 112 mm wide x 52mm depth.  Should be fitted at 1:350 fall for optimum flow rate.   Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey...
Ex Tax:£5.92
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AA1G
    Description : This Traditional Grey 90º Gutter Angle joint, allows you to take your guttering around a internal or external corner of 90º.  It is fitted with rubbers and clips at each end for a water tight seal.  This corner joint requires gutter clips to be fitted to the gutter either side for support. Manufacturer : Colour : Grey. ...
Ex Tax:£2.00
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AP4G
Description : 68mm Traditional Grey Round 4m downpipe fits straight onto fittings.. Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey Dimensions : 68mm Diameter x 4m length  ..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AA2G
    Description : This is a 135º corner joint for use with 4m 112mm Grey guttering, it can be used for both internal and external corners.  With rubber seals and clips to form a water tight seal when fitted, gutter clips will be needed to be fitted to the guttering either side of the corner joint for support. Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey. ...
Ex Tax:£2.94
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AE1G
Description: 112mm Traditional Grey Half Round Gutter External Stop End, fits directly on to the end of 112mm half round guttering. They are fitted with rubber and clip for a watertight seal. Colour: Grey..
Ex Tax:£1.09
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AE2G
Description: Traditional Grey Internal Stop End for Floplast 112mm Half Round Gutter, these fit into the ends of Union joints or Running Outlets.  PLEASE NOTE: These do NOT fit into the gutter, use External Stopend to fit directly on to 112mm Half Round Gutter. Colour: Grey..
Ex Tax:£0.79
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AU1G
  Description : Traditional Grey 112 mm Floplast Gutter Union / Joint, allows 112mm Half Round guttering to be joined together in a straight line.  Each unit has 3 fixing points, to allow easy installation, and no need for gutter support brackets either side. Fitted with rubbers and clips for a water tight seal. Manufacturer : Colour : Grey. ...
Ex Tax:£1.40
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AK1G
Description: Traditional Grey Gutter Brackets for use with  112mm Half Round Black Gutter -  (place at max 1-metre centres). Colour: Grey..
Ex Tax:£0.72
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AHS1G
Description : Traditional Grey Universal hopper head fits 65mm square or 68mm round downpipes.  With two pre-formed fixing points to allow easy installation. Maximum flow rate 1.14 liters/second. Manufacturer :  Colour : GreyLight grey hopper head also know as a snow box. Used on the end of roof valleys to catch and calm the flow of water before it passes down in to the pipe. There are various sizes with optional pipe outlet sizes.    ..
Ex Tax:£6.05
Grey Round Gutter Running Outlet
-10 %
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AO1G
Description :  Traditional Grey In-Line Running Outlet for use with  112mm Half Round Guttering, connects to  68mm Downpipe.  Both sides fitted with Rubbers and Clips for a water tight seal.  112mm Grey Half Round Gutter In Line Running Outlet Use to connect the guttering to the down pipes. Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey. ...
£2.20 £2.44
Ex Tax:£1.83
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AP2.5G
Description : 68mm Traditional Grey 2.5 m long downpipe fits straight onto fittings. Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey Dimensions : 68mm Diameter x 2.5m length..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AB1G
Description : 68mm Traditional Grey Round 92.5 degree off set down pipe bend for use with 68mm round downpipe. Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey  ..
Ex Tax:£2.18
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AS1G
Description: 68mm Traditional Grey round downpipe joiner for use with  68mm Round Downpipe. Colour: Grey..
Ex Tax:£0.96
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AC1G
Description: Traditional Grey Round 68mm Downpipe clip standoff, for use with 68mm Round Downpipe. Colour: Grey..
Ex Tax:£0.62
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AY1G
Description : 68mm Traditional Grey Round Downpipe 67.5º Branch, for use with 68mm Downpipes.  Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey  ..
Ex Tax:£3.59
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AB2G
Description : 68mm Traditional Grey112 degree off set down pipe bend for use with 68mm downpipes.  Normally bought in pairs and used to bring the downpipe from the running outlet in towards a wall and then back to a vertical postion. Manufacturer :  Colour : Grey..
Ex Tax:£1.39
Brand: Aquaflow Model: AB3G
Description: 68mm Traditional Grey Round downpipe shoe/spout for use with Floplast 68mm Downpipes. Colour: Grey..
Ex Tax:£1.38
Brand: Floplast Model: D96
Description: Universal rainwater 110mm adaptor. Accepts 65mm square and 68mm round downpipe. External rainwater downpipes can be connected directly to a surface water drain or. depending on the design. via a gully trap to the underground drainage system.68mm downpipe x 110mm pipe adaptor - downpipe can be connected directly to drain pipes via this connector a gully or trap is still required below ground...
Ex Tax:£9.74
Brand: Hunter Model: R666B
Description : This 68mm Spigot to 50mm Spigot in Gloss Black allows you to convert down from a 68mm downpipe to a 50mm mini downpipe. Manufacturer : Hunter Colour : Black..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Brand: Floplast Model: RR2
    Description: Side rafter bracket for use on properties with overhanging tiles and exposed joists Galvanised silver finishSide fix rafter gutter brackets are used when the eaves are exposed and the bottom and sides of the roof joist can be seen from below. Galvansied to reduce maintenance ...
Ex Tax:£2.96
Brand: Floplast Model: RR1
Description: This bracket is nailed to the top of the joist for use on properties with overhanging tiles and exposed joists. Galvanised Silver finish12 Gauge x 50mm Stainless Steel Fixings for Cast Effect downpipes. These fixing have been designed to blend with the look of cast iron effect fittings...
Ex Tax:£2.96
Brand: Con-Sert Model: 4MM40
Description: Hardened Yellow Zinc Plated Steel Multipurpose Screws. Screw Head: Pozi Drive Size: 4mm x 40mm Box Quantity: 200 Screws..
Ex Tax:£3.25
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