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Mini Guttering Floplast

Mini Guttering Floplast

Mini Guttering Systems In Brown Black Grey White


76mm half round gutter or 3-inch gutter with matching small 50mm downpipes has been designed for building and DIY projects where the roof is small of the space available is limited.

MIniflo gutter from Floplast is the perfect choice for installation on shed roofs aviary roofs greenhouses bike sheds or bay windows

With some planning, you can install your mini gutters and downpipes with rain saving in mind as there are connectors that will fit from the 50mm downpipes into water butts. A shed gutter that helps you to save on your water bills.

Please note this system is a high-quality product designed not just to be functional but also to look great after it has been installed. Miniflo is the first choice best selling system available in the UK.

Information Available Colours

This rainwater system comes in four colour options follow these links for prices and ordering

Black | Brown | Grey | White

76mm Guttering Installation

A really simple system that great when used as mini gutters for sheds easy to install, fitting the fascia brackets ensure the brackets are straight and inline this will ensure your gutter is straight. Position your outlets where you want the water to flow use offset bends if required to get the best possible position. The pipe clips are single fix with only one screw required so on sheds try to get you downpipe onto a timber upright in the construction of the shed.

3 inch gutters are supplied in 2m lengths there are unions brackets that will connect the 2m sections together.

76mm greenhouse guttering is also the first choice on many homes that build their own DIY greenhouses the size of the gutter suits smaller greenhouses which makes this a possible greenhouse guttering system water butts can easily be used with the 50mm diverters.

The 3-inch gutter is also used around many bay windows the small size suits the smaller roof area a Floplast 50mm rubber boss adapter can be used with a small section of pipe to connect the 50mm downpipe into a standard 68mm downpipe for a very professional look. (will need some silicone around the rubber boss)

Mini Guttering Plastic Mini Flo Gutter


From Bristol City Center We aim to deliver most gutter orders within a couple of days, but this can vary due to stock levels and demand for our delivery fleet in peak times such as school holidays. Larger contractors orders tend to be placed weeks or months in advance. Guaranteed delivery dates (charged extra by prior arrangement) need to be planned by at least four weeks. Whenever possible, we try to use our delivery fleet as this reduces damages and lost packages.

When your delivery arrives, there are a few things to consider.

  1. The products should be stored off the floor, and they are best not in direct sunlight if there is protective bubble wrap packaging this must be removed at the time of delivery. The actual storage bags on the gutter and pipes should have the ends opened. Avoiding overheating due to the sun while in storage is the aim. Store products out of the way to avoid creating any trip hazards.

Maintenance Very simple once installed it only needs a very occasional clean with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Solvents and abrasives should be avoided.


Manufacturers offer different guarantees. These come with different conditions attached. Having been in the industry for 25 years we know these products are now very reliable and as such you are not likely to have any significant issues. Please note there are always terms and conditions relating to the requirements of installation and conforming to building regulations which vary from England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 3rd April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout