External Door Surrounds And Columns

Door Surround



External white front door surrounds side columns and tops in both Georgian and Victorian designs made with grp which gives a painted but plastic-looking finish which is really easy to keep clean.  We have standard size kits and we can produce custom sizes. the standard pillars can be cut to a lower height using a fine-toothed saw or if you require a higher size there are pillar extensions available as an optional add-on, white is by far the most popular colour although we can't guarantee to match your existing white if you have PVC doors and windows and you know the profile manufacture we will do our best to use a similar shade of white. We have listed the best selling options of the door surround range if you can't find what you are looking for please do telephone for further assistance on 01179 719922


As you can see from the custom size door surround above these pillars can be simply screwed to the wall using cups and caps to hide the screw tops, you can also use battens behind the pillars these battens are fixed to the wall so the pillar can be pushed over them then a solvent-free fixing glue is used to hold the pillar in place once this has set the pillar top can also be glued to the tops of the battens and then the flashing is screwed to the wall these screws are then covered with a standard lead flashing.


If you use silicone to seal the edges of the door surrounds we recommend a forever white silicone to avoid mould build-up then once a year a quick wash with a very mild soapy water is all the maintenance required for these pillars.


The manufacturer provides a ten-year guarantee on these door surrounds but having sold these products now for 25 years we can safely say this product will give go on a lot longer than ten years. we have never had any issues raised under guarantee in the time we have sold these products.

Delivery Information

A quick reminder these products are manufactured to order and as such, they are non-returnable. deliveries normally take around 5 working days on the door surrounds but this can vary during peak times.

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