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Roof Lantern Blue Glass

A roof lantern or roof light is the perfect choice for letting in natural light into your home. Master Plastics roof lights and roof lanterns can be incorporated into a new build or an existing extension of a house, or anywhere you have a flat roof.

The high tech glass helps the roof lantern to reduce both heat loss and noise.
They give the ultimate feeling of space & light and will completely transform your living areas.

Available in a choice of White, Rosewood or Light Oak and supplied with either 25mm polycarbonate or an optional low e glass roof and sides.

Master Plastics Sky Lights and Roof Lanterns are made from the Global roof system which is superiorly engineered to the highest strength and security standards.

The structural components are made out of lightweight aluminium and designed to withstand all weather conditions, including heavy snow loads. PVCu capping is then fitted over the aluminium bars to leave you a clean, sharp finish.

They come in a choice of White, Rosewood, Mahogany or Light Oak. Aluminium top caps come as standard on the wood grain foiled profiles.


Our Skylights and Roof Lanterns are supplied with Cresting & Finials as standard. However, the option of fitting these is up to you depending on the look and style you prefer.

There is a glazing option to suit any installation and budget.

Our Sky Light and Roof Lanterns can be supplied with 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate which is available in Clear, Bronze, Opal or Heat Shield. Or you can choose between Low E Argon Filled Toughened Glass or the superior self-cleaning glass.

We can make our Skylights and Lanterns to any size you require, call us for details.

Self Cleaning Glass Information

Pilkington ActivTM range - A success wherever it’s fitted.

Thanks to its revolutionary dual-action coating, Pilkington ActivTM self-cleaning glass is able to stay cleaner, all-year-round. The two-stage cleaning process begins when the surface reacts with the sun’s UV rays and breaks down organic dirt. Then secondly, when it rains, the hydrophilic nature of the layer makes the water sheet down the surface, taking away any loosened dirt. The result is reduced streaks, and more importantly, a more unobstructed view.

microchip cat flap

By the same process, the hydrophilic surface is also useful in reducing the appearance of external condensation.

Pilkington Activ™ can be used in conjunction with other Pilkington glass products, for example, Pilkington K Glass™ providing increased energy efficiency and savings on fuel bills. Pilkington Activ™ Blue and Pilkington Activ™ Neutral combine self-cleaning with solar control options, which helps reduce transmission of light and heat from the sun.

Environmentally friendly

From manufacture to installation and use, Pilkington ActivTM is environmentally friendly. In their recent report, “Pilkington ActivTM Research Project: The quantification and evaluation of the benefits of self-cleaning glass”, the BRE*
Highlighted the following:

Pilkington ActivTM is perfect for domestic use and is especially popular amongst busy home-owners.
Because of its unique dual-action cleaning process, Pilkington ActivTM can release your precious time and save you the cost of hiring a cleaner.

  • The self-cleaning coating contains no harmful substances.
  • Because it self-cleans, Pilkington ActivTM stops water from being wasted.
  • It reduces the need for cleaning detergents, which could be harmful to the environment.
  • Eco points** for it is less than one-tenth of those for ordinary glass.

Roof Lantern Skylight

Pilkington ActivTM Blue (a combination of self-cleaning and solar control glass) is an attractive blue tinted glass that’s been specially designed for conservatory roofs. 

You can choose optional opening windows and roof vents for each of our lanterns and Sky Lights. Either vent can be operated by an electronic chain opener. (Optional) the vent will be supplied with 1m of cable which will need to installed by a qualified electrician into a 2-way rocker switch.

Our Lanterns and Sky Lights are sold in "up to" sizes increasing 500mm. So for example, if your opening measures 1248mm x 1649mm  you would select the "up to" size 1500mm x 2000mm. Once you have selected the size you require, you can then add other options, like, glazing type, opening windows and vents, colour even electric motors to open the windows for you. Then simply add the items to the basket and checkout. 

This is the wallplate for our self-supporting lean-to roofs

It consists of: -

A) Plastic Top Cap
B) Aluminium Wall Plate
C) Plastic Bottom Cap
D) End Cap
E) Plastic Rain Excluder
F) Aluminium Wall Plate Ridge Carrier

This wall plate is supplied for all self-support roofs other than low pitch.

This is the main bar for our self-supporting lean-to roofs, roof lanterns & skylights.

It consists of

A) Plastic Top Cap (Varied sizes for Polycarbonate)
B) Aluminium Main Bar (Varied sizes for Polycarbonate)
C) Main Bar End Cap
D) Bottom Cap

If you have mahogany, Rosewood or Light Oak, the top caps will be aluminium.

This is the eaves beam for our self-supporting leant-to roofs, roof lanterns & skylights - It consists of:-

A) Support trim for Glass / Polycarbonate
B)  Aluminium Eaves Beam
C) Internal Eaves Trim
D) Eaves Beam End Cap
E) Gutter Bracket
F) Hunter Regency Guttering
G) Infill Trim

This is the Edge Bar for our self-supporting leant-to roofs, roof lanterns & skylights

It consists of:-

A) Top Cap
B) Aluminium Edge Bar
C) Edge Bar Side Cheek
D) Edge Bar End Cap
E) Bottom Cap

These are our end caps, from left to right they are

Main Bar Endcap
Edge Bar End Cap
Wall Plate End Cap

All of our Lanterns and Sky Lights are manufactured in our factory to your specified sizes and specifications. They are made using the latest in manufacturing machinery to the highest quality. They are then delivered directly to you on-site. We will arrange a delivery date with you as soon as the Lantern or skylight has been made.