Polycarbonate Timber Supported Installation Guide

Step one
Fix your first edge bar as shown in dia 1 slide the edge fillet up the grove on the bar as shown then cut the bar to length, remembering to allow for a 50MM over hang into the guttering. Cut the aluminium base 2MM longer than the intended length of the polycarbonate sheeting, this will allow for the end cap to be fitted later.

Drill and Fix the bar into position screw with screws at 3-400MM centres Ensuring the drip on the edge trim is in required place and neat from the external view. Repeat on opposite end Dia 1.

N.B Where bars are butting against the wall the edge trim is not required fit bar only.

Step two
You can either cut all sheets to evenly space them out or you can work towards a cut sheet in the middle Or cut the sheets so the two end sheets are cut to size.

Only cut the width on the last sheets when all the other sheets are fitted.

Once you have decided to start fixing centre bars, in your required position. drill and fix the bars with screws at 3-400MM centres

You need to measure each sheet before the roof joist is fixed because the roof sheets may vary in size by +5mm -5mm


Step three
Ensure all the rubber gaskets in the bars are flat with no bumps.

Step four
Cut your polycarbonate sheets the length if not already done ensuring that all swarf is removed use a vacuum or condensation free airline to remove swarf (never try to wash it out). Now fit anti dust tapes to the sheet use the solid foil tape to the top of the sheet and the vented tape to the bottom of the sheet peel of backing tape and stick in place as shown.

These tapes reduce condensation and keep out insects and dust so ensure they are fitted correctly Now peel about 50MM of the protective film down both sides and place the sheet into place on top of the two aluminium roof bars.

Step five
Position PVCU caps so that the toothed legs locate inside the centre of the aluminium base press down firmly then hammer down lightly with a rubber mallet or equivalent until caps lockdown.

As you work across the roof complete flashing as you go (see tips).

When the flashing is complete and all caps are in place remove the protective covering

Step Six

Fit the end caps into place. Now cut sheet closures to the length between bars and push in to place as shown You can if you wish to run a bead of silicone along the top edge of the sheet closer.


So whats important.

The sheets may vary in size so you need to have your roof sheets on-site before fixing your roof joists.

Ordering bars = the number of sheets that you have plus one. For example, 4 sheets will need 5 bars.

Roofs over 4.0m sheets long should be 700mm wide or less.

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