Glass Options


3D glass options to suit the modern door designs.

The Misted glass option is great as a modern-look

the glass that allows some light and also adds privacy.

It is the first choice for a lot of homeowners that

have doors which need to be combined with side


Good looking leafy glass one of the oldest designs

of glass still being used today. provides some privacy

and allow a good amount of light through a good

choice in a dark hallway.

Glue Chip random pattern glass.

Not everyone wants an ultra-modern door so if you

are looking for more of a 1960s style door then the

The honeycomb pattern is more in keeping with the

door design.

Stand Stone or stipple light glass glazing is another

old-style glass 1920s to 1950s one of the more

original obscured glass patterns.

Another style of glass you may use to match

existing obscured glazing


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