Continuous Roll out Rafter Tray 400mm x 6m Harcon RT66

Continuous Roll out Rafter Tray 400mm x 6m Harcon RT66

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Continuous Rafter Tray (Rollout)
The Harcon continuous rafter tray has recently been redesigned in line with roofers’ requests. Typical roll formed rafter trays easily flatten and stretch, reducing the ventilation path. The Harcon continuous rafter tray uniquely solves this problem by incorporating structural profiling which dramatically improves rigidity, so a full 25mm air path is guaranteed down the line of the roof.
 The width of the RT66 rafter tray has been increased to 400mm, significantly wider than most roll formed rafter trays, and the RT132 rafter tray has also been introduced with a width of 800mm. These rafter trays will cover 200mm of insulation at a minimum pitch of 300 (RT66) or 150 (RT132) and will provide increased tolerance of rafter tray positioning at steeper pitches or with thinner insulation: see diagram below. Note: As the thickness of insulation increases to comply with recent regulation changes particular attention should be paid to this area of the roof.

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