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Conservatory Roof Bars

Conservatory Polycarbonate Roof Bar Information

Polycarbonate roof bars come in a wide range they are manufactured with aluminium with either an aluminium or PVC top caps and internal covers. 

Roof bars come in two basic types either self-supporting bars that do not need any timber joists under them or timber supported roof bars 

Timber Supported

Timber supported polycarbonate roof bars are used when the roof bars are fixed on to a supporting timber which is big enough to span the from the wall plate to the eaves beam. The longer the distance determines the depth and width of timber that should be used. Normally these timbers tend to be 48mm wide which suits the required width of the glazing bar. Read More

Self-Supporting Conservatory Roof Bars

Self-supporting roof bars tend to be used more often on conservatories porches and lean-to roofs where the walls are constructed with PVC. The roof system comes with optional eaves beams and wall plates. The eaves beam has been designed to add an integral gutter system so the gutter covers the front face of the eaves beam doing away with the need for a front fascia. Individual roof elements follow the link below or to order a complete roof and find more information Read More

For low pitch roof situations, we also manufacture a roof which has 35mm glazing sheets and supporting glazing bars designed to go down to a 5-degree pitch. These help cure the problems often found on bungalows which have low-level fascia and guttering. Read More

Both types of bar system have glass options as well as standard polycarbonate roofing sheet options the bars do differ when using glass as a glazing material. 

The bars also act as an expansion joint and hold the roofing sheets firmly in place,

Bar systems are available to fix various thickness sheets from 10mm to 35mm.

Hipped Roof Bars

We also supply a roof bar system suitable for use on hipped timber roofs where the bars have an angle hip bar option and a matching aluminium roof ridge. These bars can be used with polycarbonate or with glass. The design of the system allows for any thickness or glazing material used. Read More

Your Delivery

Timber supported systems are normally with you in 3 - 5days

Self Supporting Roofs require manufacturing delivery times vary for lots of reasons big commercial orders school holidays, for example, all our roof bar orders are processed in the order they come in. Once the bars have been cut and packed we are happy to keep them in our warehouse until your required delivery date so please do order in advance. Once the roof system is complete and ready to dispatch our transport team will call you to arrange a delivery date. We prefer to use our own transport where possible to deliver these units.

Glass Roofs

On arrival the glass units may be long and heavy you will need battens or carpet to place the glass units on near a wall which is flat so the units can be stood against it.

If you can not arrange suitably fit trained staff on-site to do the lifting we do offer a two-man delivery service. Our delivery staff do not lift your glass units on to your roof.

The aluminium bars need a safe place where they will not get knocked or damaged. Do not store your delivered items in direct sunlight and remove the protective bubble wrap as soon as possible ensure the products are well ventilated to avoid overheating.

We are currently operating as usual.
Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 3rd April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout