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Gloss White Ogee

White Ogee Guttering & Downpipe Fittings


Freeflow gutter rainwater system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours. The white internal face of the gutter helps reduce heat build-up and reduces the effects of expansion reducing noises and leaks

Technical Information

Freeflow® gutter outlets angle unions and stop ends are manufactured with advanced long-life compressible seals. This results in flexible, watertight joints when lengths of guttering are connected together. 

Compressible seals allow the gutters to move silently and prohibit the creation of gaps which would ultimately cause leaks.

Freeflow gutters and downpipes are covered with a temporary protective film

Freeflow® gutter systems are manufactured using a combination of recycled and virgin materials to minimise environmental impact and optimise product performance. 

Recycled content varies, however it is typically up to 85% of the final product. 

All recycled material used is 100% lead-free Freefoam material.


Gloss finish white Ogee Guttering a deep shiny high-quality finish which stands out a great looking rainwater system. The gutter lengths have a white internal finish to help avoid creaking. 

Down Pipes

With this system, you can use either square or round downpipes.


From Bristol City Centre We aim to deliver most white ogee gutter orders within a few working days, but this can vary due to stock levels and demand on our delivery fleet in peak times such as school holidays. Larger contractors orders tend to be placed weeks or months in advance. Guaranteed delivery dates need to be planned by at least four weeks. Whenever possible, we try to use our delivery fleet as this reduces damages and lost packages. When your delivery arrives, there are a few things to consider.

  1. The products should be stored off the floor, and they are best not stored in direct sunlight if there is protective bubble wrap packaging this must be removed at the time of delivery.
  2. The actual packaging used on the gutter should have the ends opened. Avoiding overheating due to the sun while in storage is the aim gutter should be stored out of the way to avoid creating any trip hazards.


Very simple once installed the gutter needs a very occasional clean with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Solvents and abrasives should be avoided.

Manufacturers Guarantees

Guarantees from various manufacturers come with different conditions attached and they vary in length according to the colour and general use of the product purchased. Having been in the industry for 25 years and supplying products we aim to bring you the most reliable products available. These products are now very reliable and as such you are not likely to have any significant issues There are also conditions relating to the requirements of installation and conforming to building regulations which vary from England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

Model: FOG400
Ogee Guttering - 4m Length White..
Ex Tax:£10.60
Model: FRO604
Ogee Guttering 135 Degree Angle Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£3.68
Model: FRO601
Ogee Guttering 150 Degree Angle White..
Ex Tax:£3.84
Model: FRO603
Ogee Guttering 90 Degree Angle Whitek..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Model: FRO607
Ogee Guttering External Stop End Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£1.48
Model: FRO609
Ogee Guttering Fascia Bracket Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£0.79
Model: FRO608
Ogee Guttering Internal Stop End Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£1.48
Model: FRO605
Ogee Guttering Running Out Let Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£3.88
Model: FRO606
Ogee Guttering Stop End Out Let Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£3.56
Model: FRO613
Ogee Guttering Top Hung Fascia Bracket Brilliant White..
Ex Tax:£0.99
Brand: Freefoam Model: FRR529
White 112° Branch Gutter Piping...
Ex Tax:£3.85
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Save 2.5% for online orders over £150 placed before 3rd April - Use code SPRING20 during checkout